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Dec 2011 Spring Lake Holland Match

 Match Report

Spring Lake - Holland Match
Reported by Dr. Tony Palmer
Joshua vs Joshua
Spring Lake's Joshua Vander Meulen (left) digs in against Holland's Joshua Posthuma.
Photo Courtesy of David Posthuma
Spring Lake hosted a fun and friendly practice match against Holland on Saturday December 10 at Jeffers Elementary. Everybody had a great time and showed good sportsmanship. The Spring Lake team was Joshua Vander Meulen, Barrett Hoag, Ryan Ross, Kyle Coon and Ben Kitchel. The Holland players were Joshua Posthuma, Kaleb Packard, Raina Ravial, Trisha Pal and Dhiraj Akkala. Holland scored well on the top two boards while Spring Lake dominated the lower three boards. Thanks to Spring Lake organizer Kathy Vander Meulen for arranging the match and providing snacks for the players. All participants received a copy of the latest Lake Effect Chess Newsletter to read and study.
Here are some puzzles from the match:
1) White to Play

Diagram 1

2) Black to Play

Diagram 2

3) White to Play

Diagram 3

4) Black to Play

Diagram 4

5) White to Play

Diagram 5

1) 1. Bg5
2) 1 ... Qf2#
3) 1. Bxc6 dxc6 2. Rxe5
4) 1 ... Qb6+ & 2 ... Qxb5
5) 1. Bxf7+! Rxf7 2. Nxf7 Kxf7 3. e5