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 Tournament Report

2010 Michigan Open

GM Rogelio Antonio is the new Michigan State Champion, beating Grand Rapids master Kevin Czuhai in the last round.  FM Seth Homa was held to a draw by David Hahn, finishing clear 2nd. 
Thank you to Rose Homa for providing the results.

Seth Homa Rogelio Antonio Jack Wood
FM Seth Homa analyzes with GM "Joey" Antonio and Jack Wood.
  Photo Credit:  Rose Homa

Greg Bailey Apurva Virkud Epiphany Peters
Greg Bailey plays Apurva Virkud.  Ephiphany Peters plays next to Apurva.  Greg will have a shorter drive to next year's Michigan Open, which will take place in Cadillac over Labor Day weekend!
  Photo Credit:  Rose Homa

GM Rogelio Antonio NM Kevin Czuhai
GM Rogelio Antonio proved too much in his Round 7 match against NM Kevin Czuhai.  Czuhai seemed pleased to have earned a seat at the table against the Philippine GM.
  Photo Credit Rose Homa

Dr. Tony Palmer
Dr. Tony Palmer readies for his Round 7 game against Eric Larson.
  Photo Credit: Jacob Fortuna

Lon Rutkofske
Lon Rutkofske at the 2010 Michigan Chess Association annual meeting.
  Photo Credit:  Andy Catlin

Round 7 Pairings
Round 7 Open Section Pairings
Photo Credit:  Rose Homa

NM Atuly Shetty
NM Atulya Shetty with his Dad looking on.
  Photo Credit:  Rose Homa


Andrew Elenbogen

A well-rested Andrew Elenbogen started the tournament with an amazing 2.5/3.0.

  Photo Credit:  Rose Homa


A selection of games from the 2010 Michigan Open can be found here:


Thanks to TDs Jeff Aldrich and Michael Smith for their able direction.  Their USCF Rating report can be found here:


Michigan Open Department of Historical Fun Facts.  Bob Ciaffone writes: 

As a result of the Michigan Open game Levi-Ciaffone there was a three-way tie for first place between Don Pray, Bob Ciaffone, and Kevin Czuhai for the Michigan title of 1999 State Champion. The order of finish was the order just mentioned, according to the tiebreak system used by the Michigan Chess Association. Let me explain what happened as a result of the tiebreak system used. All three of the players who tied had played against Ariel Levi. For that Pray and Ciaffone received 5 tiebreak points, because that was Levi’s final score. But Czuhai received only 3 tiebreak points for playing Levi. The reason is he played against “Levi 1”, who withdrew from the tourney after getting only one point in the first three rounds. “Levi 1” was given ½ a point for each unplayed round, bringing his total up to three for the tournament. Had Kevin received the same number of tiebreak points as we did playing against “Levi 2”, his name would now be engraved on the State Championship cup.